Call for details (512) 339-7465
Call for details (512) 339-7465

About Us

Ink and Toner Station is the result of 8 years industry experience and constant technical progress in the art of remanufacturing printer cartridges.

Started by an industry veteran who opened his first store in 2004 and his second retail location just two years later. We proudly distinguish ourselves from competing companies that exist to sell Chinese knockoffs at marginally lower prices than major retailers… all the while doing their best to further confuse and misinform their customers in the hopes of maximizing their margins.

We are better then that… we’re in it for the long haul. An ongoing relationship with our customers is our most important asset.

We know printers and we know the business, in addition to having founded and eventually sold the Cartridge Express brand, our CEO has provided individual entrepreneurs assistance in starting their own remanufacturing ventures.

Ink and Toner Station has made the exodus from California to the great state of Texas and Austin being the particularly great place it is… we’re sure that what we have to offer will be well received.