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Call for details (512) 339-7465

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A uniquely affordable, good old-fashioned self-employment opportunity!

Start your own business… not as a franchise, not from scratch and NOT someone else’s “profitable” business they’ve decided to get rid of. Instead, acquire all the experience and support you need to get into business for yourself – but not by yourself.

We are Ink and Toner Station. Our company is in the business of saving our customers 40 to 60 percent on all their ink and toner supplies. We serve individual walk-ins and deal B2B (our primary focus). We have three locations in the California Bay Area and one soon to open in Austin, Texas. Our industry is relatively new, though it’s been around long enough to have proven profitable. There are quite a few businesses still operating in this market… although there were more a few years ago, many closed for reasons related to failure in the quality-cost-customer service trifecta. Those rules apply particularly to our industry and it is in those three areas that we offer our expertise.

QUALITY is determined by the methods and equipment used in the re-manufacturing process. Now there are a lot of both elements to choose from, but it’s nearly impossible to know which to choose without extensive trial and error. Again, our many years of experience will give you an enormous advantage.

While the processes entailed are not overly difficult, there are many slight variations between cartridges as well as near constant updates and new types being released. So, while learning the fundamentals can be rather expedius, a deeper understanding and all the necessary minutia would take time and much energy to learn without assistance.

While our business enjoys comparatively high margins, it is still crucial to maintain price points that actually undercut your local competition. This has been an important part of our company’s success. So in addition to all the insider tips and tricks… through our list of suppliers and by sharing in on the very favorable arrangements we have been able to make with them; you will have your business running at high profitability from day one

This might seem like a generic skill that could easily be transferred from past job experience… but this is not entirely true. In our line of business, gaining the customers trust is a must.

Unfortunately, the cartridge re-manufacturing enterprise has attained an unfavorable reputation with some people… mainly due to on-line stores selling “generics” directly from China, but also from other retailers simply doing things incorrectly. So, in order to overcome this, you’ll need to really understand what you’re talking about AND how to talk to customers about it.

If you have already been researching this type of “franchise”, then you should be aware of what Cartridge World is offering. Basically, what we provide is many of the pros of that arrangement, without most of the cons… at a GREATLY reduced initial investment cost and no monthly fees of any kind!

The Ink and Toner Station Un-Franchise:

  • Only one set price tag… Never pay franchise or royalty fees.
  • The lowest start up costs of any remotely similar option.
  • Everything needed is provided (including all the equipment and a start-up inventory).
  • You won’t be forced to buy your supplies from a franchisor or certain suppliers.
  • Our industry actually increases in prosperity during an economic downturn.
  • Few if any employees needed to begin with. EVERY LOCAL BUSINESS IS A POTENTIAL CUSTOMER!
  • In fact, everyone with a printer, copier or fax machine is a potential customer

You can make a living owning your own business and achieving your goals and dreams when you choose to partner with Ink and Toner Station. Please call or email us today.